Awesome Cleverly Simple Ways To Creep Out Your Neighbors Are GENIUS.

Halloween is my favorite time of year. I live to decorate, to scare, and to see friends scream like little kids. I always who come up with the most unique way of doing it, too. This year, though, I decided to do simple decorations. Not only are these ideas creepy, but they’re easy to set up, too.

1.) Head in a jar.

2.) Meaty head.

3.) Tape ghosts.

4.) Crazy tentacles.

5.) Bodies on a budget.

6.) Spooky silhouettes.

7.) Drink time cooler.

8.) G Rated mice.

I think I’ll stash the murder scene idea away for a random day in January. That should make for a really nice freak out from the roommate, not to mention a great video for all to see.

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