Your Halloween Party Just Got Better With These Creative Cupcake Ideas.


Every holiday (and birthday or minor celebration) calls for cupcakes. We know this much to be true. And with Halloween only a few days away, we’re checking out some of the coolest and creepiest cupcakes for your festivities. If you’re planning a party, be sure to take a look if you’re in the need for some inspiration.

Broken Glass Cupcake

Okay, these look a little too real. The “glass” is made of sugar, and even though it’s not really glass, it can get sharp, so be careful.

Another Spider Cupcake

If you really like your arachnids, try using pocky to make some crawly legs. Or, you can have 2D legs by simply using chocolate icing.

Ghost Cupcakes

Just a simple squirt of icing can make a cute ghost. This shape could also make a cool witch’s hat if you used another color.

Jack Skellington Cupcakes

The Pumpkin King is a staple of Halloween, and his face is easy to recreate in chocolate and vanilla.

Frankenstein Cupcakes

This adorable little guy is decorated with candies and icing for the signature look.

18.) Graveyard Cupcakes

Snap a vanilla wafer in half and decorate with frosting, and you’ve got yourself a tombstone. Placed into the icing of a cupcake, your dessert tray becomes a spooky cemetery.

Autumn Tree Cupcakes

The trees can be made with any fast-cooling chocolate painted onto waxed paper and then peeled off. Just make sure they’re thick enough, otherwise they might break.

If any of these appeal to you, click on the links under the photos to get the recipes. Happy baking!

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