She Nearly Threw Her Grandpa’s Scrapbook Away Until She Opened It And… Jackpot!


A Redditor discovered this scrapbook in her family’s home. It was musty, plain and almost falling to pieces. To most people, it may look like just a piece of junk that could be thrown away during a round of spring cleaning. She had a feeling it was special… and it ended up being absolutely priceless. Her great-grandfather was a cartoonist for Walt Disney, and inside of that scrapbook was some of the coolest sketches we’ve ever seen.

It didn’t seem like much on the outside…

But on the inside, this scrapbook was filled to the brim with vintage Walt Disney cartoons.

Some of them you may not even recognize, aside from one delightful little mouse.

This book is a piece of history, containing some of the earliest versions of a favorite cartoon character we know today.

We don’t support hoarding, but if you see a tattered book in your family’s attic, you might just want to take a peek before you throw it away. It could contain priceless Disney gold!


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