Check Out Amazing Fast Food Items You’ll Wish You Could Order In The U.S.


You’re not really a world traveler until you experience awesome country-specific menu items of your favorite fast food restaurants. Anyone can go on trips to foreign countries; only a true traveler gets exhausted that they’re no longer interested in new and different places to eat. You don’t have to be road weary to eat chili cheese nuggets from an Austrian Burger King, but it sure helps. Take a look at these rather interesting foreign fast food menu items.

McNurnburger – McDonald’s (Germany)

McPrawn – McDonald’s (Russia)

McBeer – McDonald’s (Europe)

Twister Fries – McDonald’s (Philippines)

Jalapeño Bulgogi Hot Dog – Dunkin’ Donuts (Korea)

BLT Bagel – McDonald’s (Canada)

McPoutine – McDonald’s (Canada)

(via BuzzFeed, BusinessInsider)

I don’t know about you, but some of those actually made me super hungry. Do you think Canadian McDonald’s would deliver to me?

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