Saying Goodbye To A Best Friend Is Never Easy, But She Made It Beautiful.


Letting go of a loved one can tug at the emotional heartstrings of even the toughest person. We cherish the time we had together, and feel the ache of longing when we wish we could have them back. Whether it’s a beloved father or the family pet, we feel the sting of emotional pain no matter the loss.

That’s why Maria Sharp decided to act quickly when she learned her 16-year-old dog Chubby was near its end. Her way of saying goodbye made me remember to cherish and celebrate the lives of those around me, and maybe it’ll do the same for you.

Knowing Chubby, her friend of 16 years, was approaching his final nap, she acted fast and took a memorable series of photos to honor the lifetime of happiness they’ve had together.

The result was a set of memories she’ll be able to cherish forever.

(via EliteDaily)

Goodnight, sweet Chubby. We’ll remember your story forever, just like your sweet companion Maria did.

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