This Is The Last Thing On Earth I Should Want, It’s Downright Incredible.


Losing a limb can be a terrible, life-altering event. But, an impressive industrial designer by the name of Scott Summit found a way to take such a disheartening situation and turn it into something that people can embrace. Bespoke Innovations wants to comfort those who experience traumatic limb loss by providing them with a limb they will love. Living a life with prosthetics can be hard, but if you had one of his prosthetic legs, it might be just a little bit easier… wow.

Not only are these prosthetics functional, but they are beautiful.

Works of art, even.

No one WANTS to lose a limb, if you were able to use one of these prosthetic legs it would soften the burden.

Bespoke and Scott Summit believe that each of us are different…

So each prosthetic limb that they design should be different, too, and fit individual needs.

Their limbs are “undiminished by the requirements of mass production.”

Losing a limb doesn’t mean loss of love, life, or happiness.

People like Scott Summit make this world a better place with their innovations.

To see more of his incredible work, visit Bespoke Innovations. Source

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