The Best And Worst Of Music Festival Attendees


There’s nothing more fun than a summer music festival. You get to spend a lot of money, stand around in the heat all day in a smelly sea made up of thousands of intoxicated people, spend even more money, and see some your favorite bands perform live (though probably just a couple that you’ve heard of). In all seriousness, they really can be fun to go to, but whether or not you enjoy a music festival relies heavily on other people–and no, they’re not the band members. The people who can make or break your having a good time at a music festival are your fellow attendees. Take a look at some of the best and worst of them! WORST:

1. It’s called a shirt, buddy, and they cost way too much at the merch tables.

2. No, I do not want to become muddy buddies.

3. The Titanic sinks and this gets to happen? Talk about unfair.

4. Someone really has to do something about those shirt prices.

5. Come.

6. On.

7. People.

8. At least he’s not wearing a Native American headdress?

9. What? Were the Pokey costumes sold out?

10. Get a room! Preferably one that isn’t a port-a-potty. The lines are long enough as it is.

11. Want to promote peace? Stop blocking everyone’s view.

12. “So this is MAH LIFE?!”

13. Okay, the previous PDA doesn’t seem so bad now.

14. I don’t think that’s the kind of shocking he was going for.

15. “Dad?”

16. That’s a lot of effort to put into making sure no one stands next to you.

17. “I don’t know, she seems pretty cool to me.” – a tree

18. There’s no way that baby could name three Dirty Projectors songs. They can barely even say “Mama.”

19. I don’t know what he keeps in that fanny pack and I don’t want to find out.


BEST: N/A Now that you know who to approach and who to avoid at a music festival, all you need is hundreds of dollars to spend on a ticket. You could get a job, but you might be better off starting a band and hoping to get booked. Share this post using the button below.

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