This Family Of Elephants Were Saved From Captivity, Now They Are The Happiest Creatures On Earth.


Nothing beats a rainy day for these elephants living in a nature park in Thailand. At one point in their lives, these elephants were kept in captivity. They were living as mere shadows of what they could be. But now, they’re loving life. In fact, unlike most of us who take the little things in life for granted, you’d never hear them complain about a bit of rain. Oh no, they love it to bits! Watch as they frolic around in puddles and act like a bunch of happy little kids.

(Source: Elephant News) All these elephants live a totally free life at the Save Elephant Foundation‘s Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand, most of them having been rescued from a live of captivity and servitude, performing for tourists in circuses or being used to pull farm equipment. Share these incredibly happy elephants with your friends below.

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