Here Are 22 Weird Things You Didn’t Know About The World Around You


There are lots of strange things going on in the world around you. Literally every minute of every day, something is happening that you just wouldn’t believe (if you knew about it). So, it might not be huge surprise to you that you didn’t know any of these strange facts. This is the kind of trivia, pictures and events that can just leave you speechless. Who could imagine this is the kind of stuff that is happening every day while you go to your job?

1.) This supersonic jet prototype uses external cameras and displays instead of windows.


2.) This cat breed, the Ashera, can be sold for millions of dollars.


3.) In a Norwegian prison, an inmate can visit with family members in this house if they didn’t get to take leave.


4.) This is a collection of confiscated prison shanks.


5.) This cavernous labyrinth exists 16 stories below the streets of Manhattan.


6.) This is an Alcatraz Prison Menu from 1946.


7.) This is the best missed call EVER. This phone was set to be the detonator for an IED. The placed call didn’t work as a trigger for the bomb.


8.) Daniella Westbrook, an English actress, and her nose after 10 years of cocaine abuse.


9.) Lois Gibson has worked as a police sketch artist for 34 years. She has helped solved over 1,000 cases, earning her a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.


10.) After Rhode Island accidentally legalized prostitution, reports of rape decreased.


11.) In 2008, fellow chimps mourn the passing of Dorothy, their family member and friend.


#12 is incredible but downright frightening. Click ‘next page’ to see the rest:

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