They Found A Hyena Stuck In A Poacher’s Trap. But They Never Expected THIS


A group of conservationists working for the African Wildlife Conservation Fund came across a scene that surprised – and then shocked – them. A pregnant brown hyena was found in a poacher’s trap along the Savé River in Zimbabwe. The rescuers rushed to her side… then they were surprised to see that the girl gave birth to her cubs on the spot. Many hyena mothers don’t survive the childbirth process, but somehow this animal fighting for her life managed to make it through.

They tended to her immediately. Even though she was trapped and in pain, this mother tried to dig a den to protect her cubs.

African Wildlife Conservation Fund

Sadly, one of the cubs died before the rescue party arrived.

African Wildlife Conservation Fund

The remaining babies latched onto their mother with a helpful nudge.

African Wildlife Conservation Fund

They removed the snare, treated the mother’s wounds, gave her antibiotics and rehydrated her.

African Wildlife Conservation Fund

Source: African Wildlife Conservation Fund via Facebook After they treated the mother, they gave her some space: We swiftly moved away, and out of sight, so as not to alarm the hyaena when she woke up. We watched from a distance and were elated when we saw the female back on her feet and acknowledging the pups! What we witnessed yesterday was testament to the resilience of wild animals. A mother’s love is amazing and strong, both in nature and even in our personal lives. Share this amazing story with others by clicking on the button below.

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