This Was Uploaded To Facebook As ‘The Happiest Album Ever.’ After Seeing It, I Agree.


Incredibly dangerous wildfires have been raging outside of Melbourne, Australia, destroying everything in their path. A farm sanctuary called Edgar’s Mission was smack dab in the center of the disaster. The fire was to their east, west and south, closer than 1 mile away. Over 100 animals were hurriedly evacuated from the shelter, just in case of the worst. Thankfully, the brush fires missed the safe haven for animals and they were allowed back home. These photos were taken just as the animals arrived. It’s called “The Happiest Album Ever.” You’ll see why. :)


Edgar’s Mission is home to over 250 animals.

More than 100 of those animals had to be evacuated because of the forest fires.

Once they were safely out of harm’s way…

They were brought home. And it was one of the happiest moments ever.

Sheep, dogs, cats, fowl and other farm animals happily returned home.

They almost seemed to know what peril they escaped.

These farming animals know they are blessed with a home.

And they were extremely grateful to return.

What Edgar’s Mission does for these rescued farmed animals is so touching.

Most people might not care.

But the animals certainly do. :)

Edgar’s Mission is a non-profit sanctuary for rescued farmed animals. It spreads across 60 beautiful acres in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range at Willowmavin, Kilmore, in the state of Victoria, Australia. To learn more about their cause, visit their site or Facebook page. Source: Edgar’s Mission What they did for these animals is amazing. “The Happiest Album Ever” should be shared with others.

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