An Abused, Lonely Girl Just Posted Something Online


Jackie Turner, a 26 year-old girl, requested something for Christmas that took us by surprise… and absolutely wrecked us. She is no longer a minor and is even a Presidential Scholar at William Jessup University, but all she wants for Christmas is a family. She posted an ad on Craigslist, looking for a family to temporarily adopt her. This is heartbreaking.

Jackie’s Craiglist ad was simple. “I am looking to rent a mom and dad who can give me attention and make me feel like the light of their life just for a couple of days because I really need it.”

She was willing to pay $8/hour, just so that two people would give her some positive reenforcement.

“Just to sit, just to listen. Just to cry with me, no strings beyond that,” she said. “I’ve never felt the touch of my Mom hugging me and holding me. I don’t know what it’s like to look in my dad’s eyes and feel love instead of hatred.”

Jackie suffered physical, emotional and sexual abuse as a child. She lived a hard life on the streets and even ended up in jail. She went to a camp for troubled young adults and her life was turned around.

Jackie was surprised that dozens of family responded to the ad… but she was shocked to see so many other victims of abuse reach out to her as well.

Instead of renting a family, now she wants to bring together those people who were brave enough to share their own stories with her, so they could help each other heal.

“When you speak up, people start learning that they’re not by themselves,” she said. “Often we lock things inside of ourselves, like a lockbox of our secrets. But then you let one out and realize, ‘I’m not by myself after all, am I?’”

Not only did Jessica turn her own life around, but she is helping others do the same. She is true heroine.


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