Cities Are Laying Inhumane Spikes To Deter The Homeless with Brilliant Plan


Recently in London, residents have noticed an alarming trend: defensive architecture. We know… you’re asking what in the world we’re talking about. Do we mean like moats and drawbridges, stuff straight out of medieval times? Unfortunately, no… but you’re not too far off.

A few weeks ago a building installed spikes near a doorway that homeless people would often use during the night when the nearby shelter was full.

Almost immediately, a petition was posted online to remove the inhumane spikes, stating: “As a society we should be looking after our vulnerable population not ostracizing them by moving them to places that ‘we’ may deem more acceptable and less intrusive to our lives but I ask you to think when you walk past a homeless person, that they have had lives, rich and interesting lives that were thrown into turmoil due to circumstances that are often out of their control.” Since then though, a project was brought to light that truly was the polar opposite of such crass treatment, and it’s awesome.

This bench advertises RainCity Housing, a Canadian charity that provides homeless housing and support services.

It can be flipped open when it’s raining. And when opened, it reveals the address of RainCity Housing. Bill Briscall from the charity says: “We felt that the benches were a great conversation starter, recognizing that people are still sleeping on benches. The last City of Vancouver count put homeless numbers at 538.”

There’s a second design, which lights up at night.

“We included our contact info on the benches, as every week we get emails and phone calls, even from iPhones, from people looking for housing.”

We don’t know about you, but we think this is a much more powerful way to help the most vulnerable around us. Source: Spring Advertising via BuzzFeed Please consider sharing this story with others below and helping raise awareness of the least able in our society.

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