These 33 Books Have The Worst Titles Ever…LOL


Hindsight may be 20/20, but I have a feeling someone should have realized that these books had weird titles before going about writing and publishing them. When you see what these 33 books, all covering various topics, are named you’ll think the same thing: How did these get so far without anyone noticing? LOL.

1.) Flush the toilet.

2.) Too true.

3.) So, there are disadvantages?

4.) He just couldn’t think of a good final solution.

5.) Because you gotta stay practical.

6.) It’s just a fact we have to live with.

7.) Nazis should be more well known for their horticulture skills.

8.) Freud would have something to say about this…

9.) Hey, those ARE fancy.

10.) To each their own, I guess.

11.) Well, that’s a unique profession.

12.) Strange choice of wording, here.

13.) Me, but I don’t know about this book’s author.

14.) Please say it doesn’t involve sitting on this man’s lap.

15.) There is such a thing?

16.) The jury is still out on this, but I think the answer is “better than human.”

17.) It can be a lot to juggle.

18.) It can be done, ladies.

19.) It’s usually telling me to eat less corn.

20.) The real question is, why WOULDN’T they paint?

21.) This is for boneheads!

22.) Not many people have a passion for donkeys. But there’s a book for it.

23.) There’s nothing manlier.

24.) Hey. I can totally tell.

25.) Hm, really? I better throw away my Hannibal Lecter cookbook.

26.) No one said it had to be LEGAL, right?

27.) YIKES.

28.) Aw, shucks.

29.) It’s that easy?

30.) It’s time I start practicing.

31.) Please, please, please say it’s his bad fishing skills.

32.) I think the answer is purrty obvious.

33.) Because buying old graves is SO hot right now.

It doesn’t matter if these books are bad or good. I’d buy them and put them on my coffee table just because of the titles. Via Bored Panda Share these awesome books with others by clicking below.

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