What Police Discovered Under This Evil Drug Lord’s Bath Tub Is Brilliant

Via: http://viralturn.com/what-police-discovered-under-this-evil-drug-lords-bath-tub-is-brilliant/

In 2001, a drug lord by the name of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman escaped from prison by hiding in the back of a laundry truck. He was the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, responsible for countless deaths and evil crimes. The authorities have been searching for him tirelessly. The police and DEA thought they might have found him at a safe house, but what they found was an enormous disappointment.

What the authorities didn’t know was that the safe house had a hidden escape route.


El Chapo had a large series of secret, underground tunnels in Culiacan, Mexico.


The tunnels were all connected and led to the city’s drainage system.


El Chapo, one of the world’s most wanted men, was able to escape the house before police arrived.


He was then picked up from the tunnels by one of his top aids.


After fleeing the house, El Chapo and his gang reportedly left grenades, a Dodge Charger police cruiser and part of a municipal police uniform behind.


The Mexican drug lord was free for over a decade.


But that freedom soon came to an end. After El Chapo used the tunnels to run from the police, a DEA wiretap gave agents information on his whereabouts. Mexican agents captured him near the Arizona border. Joaquin Guzmán is now being held in Mexico’s highest security prison. It’s unbelievable how long he was able to evade authorities, but he will be brought to justice for his evil crimes. Via Mashable and Reddit Share this story with others by clicking on the button below.

Read more: http://viralnova.com/el-chapo-drug-lord-tunnels/


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