People On Twitter Are Imagining Science-Fiction-Style Crimes And It’s Fascinating


Radio show Science Friday asked its fans to come up with #CrimeHeadlinesFrom2025. Technology could make for some really weird criminals in the future.

1. Radio show Science Friday posed an interesting question to its fans on Wednesday:

2. Get ready to geek out reading some of these creative, hilarious, scary answers.

4. For starters, what even is privacy?

6. Advances in medicine might come with some nasty side effects.

Black market flooded with “irregular” cloned kidneys #crimeheadlinesfrom2025

— L3N (@Len Lipkin)

Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Causes Meningitis Outbreak in American Colleges. #CrimeHeadlinesFrom2025

— bechter (@Brandon Echter)

@scifri 6 month old still not reading, remains homely. Genetic engineering firm sued. #CrimeHeadlinesFrom2025

— DLoZombieRN (@DorothyAnn Lowry)

9. Obviously, a deteriorating environment is going to mean some bleak new restrictions.

@scifri #CrimeHeadlinesFrom2025 People reported for filling up swimming pools.

— katica24 (@katica24)

Man Eats Beef #CrimeHeadlinesFrom2025

— el_skootro (@Christian Skotte)

11. And the machines will be taking over.

@scifri Woman Seeks Restraining Order Against Stalker Pizza Delivery Drone #CrimeHeadlinesFrom2025

— goldfarb232 (@Sarah Goldfarb)

Google has recalled model year 2024 self-driving cars in response to deaths linked to control security bug. #CrimeHeadlinesFrom2025 @scifri

— krajczinski (@David Crane)

“Cop Pulls Over Self-Driving Police Car, Is Confused How To Issue Ticket” @scifri #CrimeHeadlinesFrom2025

— thesocialmia (@Mia Wong)

14. Coincidentally, California state legislators announced Wednesday plans to address issues of crime and privacy raised by technology.

Laws regarding cyber carjacking, flying a drone over a school, and the recording of private conversations by smart televisions are all part of a proposed privacy and consumer protection act, State Sen. Ted Gaines and Assemblyman Mike Gatto said.

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