Some Epic Translation Fails That Will Make You Glad You Speak English Good


Anyone that ever had to fill a language credit in college and innocently said, “Well, I’ll just learn Chinese!” knows how horrendously hard Chinese is to translate to English and vice versa.  Here are some examples of when that language gap hurts the most. Even another four semesters abroad couldn’t save these guys.

Your Mel Gibson DVDs simply will not work here.

Probably the grossest way to describe a number 2 that I’ve ever heard.

For our Latin restaurant guests.

Don’t make us resuscitate you back to life!

This Queen album cover would be perfect if that wasn’t totally The Beatles in the picture.

Does anyone else think this health-conscious, vegan movement is going a little too far sometimes?

Horny-care: the healthcare plan we can ALL lust for.

I hope that somewhere in China someone isn’t trying to put out a fire with something that WAS labeled ‘fire extinguisher’.

Horribly named dish, excellently named indie-rock band.

A sternly prepared sexual harassment, but delicious nonetheless.

Are these baptismal instructions for some kind of death-cult.

Would this be such a bad idea? At least we’d know who the racists are and where they hang out.

Talk about your rude awakening.

This one’s not technically wrong, but its pretty wrong.

Good luck with that summer course and Mandarin!  If you know anyone who speaks Chinese or is tragically bad at speaking English, give this a share on Facebook!

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