Totally Creepy Halloween Makeup You Could Try


All the spooks-spiration you need.

4. Crystal visions.

Chloe Hajjar / / Via

8. Half-and-half face.

10. And a more traditional Cheshire cat.

12. And the more subtle zipper eye.

13. Screaming vampire.

15. Secret snake girl.

16. An eye mask — not the soothing kind.

17. Angry clown.

18. Lady Two Face.

Robert Sanque / Flickr: robertsanque / Via

19. Zipped lips.

20. Broken doll.

Learn how to do it here.

21. The half-dead girl.

22. Double face.

23. The notebook.

24. Patchwork doll.

Abigail Lewis / Via Facebook: TwistedtheClown

26. Ventriloquist dummy.

27. Hole in the head.

29. The mouthless demon.

30. Or a demon mouth.

Sandra Holmbom /

32. Slasher victim.

33. And finally, the monster behind the mask.

Sandra Holmbom /

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