You’ll Cringe When You See What Doctors Used To Use On Their Patients.


No one likes going to the doctor nowadays. Even if you forget about the cost of health insurance, no one likes being probed and examined, even if it’s for their own good. Apparently, it used to be a lot scarier.

After looking at some of these vintage medical devices, I’m very happy to be living in the modern era. Some of these things are seriously horrifying, like #9. I would not want that anywhere near me.

1.) Ice-cube mask.

This was supposed to cure hangovers. Something tells me it wasn’t very effective.

2.) Portable respirator for polio.

Very cyborg.

3.) French 16th century bullet extractor.

Good to know they could get the bullet out.

4.) Device to shape the nose.

That’s got to hurt.

5.) Mouth gag/mouth stretcher from the 1930’s.

Going to the dentist has never, ever been fun.

6.) Anti-masturbation codpiece.

Don’t do it. But just in case put this bronze thing in your pants. Thanks.

7.) Surgical saw from the 1930’s.

Just picture that opening up your insides. No thanks.

8.) A portable operating chair from the WWII era.

There’s no way you could get me in one of those.

9.) Vibra-Finger

What was the purpose of this again?

10.) 17th century amputation saw.

Looks fancy.

11.) 1830’s domestic enema machine.

How would this even work?

12.) Blood-letting device.

Get out the bad blood so you can be healthy again. Sure, what could go wrong?

13.) Vintage syringe kit.

The size of that needle…nope nope nope.

14.) Civil War era venereal disease kit.

You don’t want to know where this thing was supposed to go.

15.) Rectal dilators.

Oh. Oh my.

(Via: Buzzfeed)

Basically, all of these vintage medical tools would hurt. A lot.

The next time I complain about going to the doctor, I’ll just remember that things used to be much worse. Don’t forget to share these crazy devices on Facebook by clicking below.

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